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  My sense of wonder and delight in the natural world, 

and my love of children's imaginary play

inspire my art and writing.

 Rebecca  is a lifelong book lover and artist. Growing up in a family of             English professors,  surrounded by mountains and mountains of books,       oodles of paper and pencils, it is inevitable that she would want to make     her own books.

  As a baby, Rebecca developed a taste for books by eating select pages of      her family’s large collection of paperbacks. As a toddler, she began to            write and draw in crayon on the pages of her own small collection of            children’s books. Not content with the black and white drawings in her          Winnie-the-Pooh books, she added watercolors to the illustrations.

  Rebecca has a BA in Art History and an MFA in Bookarts/Printmaking.            After working in the commercial printing industry and museum                      publishing, she became an art teacher. She recently retired after over two    decades as a Museum Educator at the Philadelphia Museum of Art where    she had the opportunity to write  many educational materials for                  children.  She also illustrated a coloring book that has been reprinted            several times and given to thousands of preschool students before their      visit to the museum. 

   Rebecca joined SCBWI in 2016 on the recommendation of acclaimed             author/illustrator Greg Pizzoli who was her teacher at a night class that         she took at the University of the Arts. 

   After actively participating in Eastern PA SCBWI events, working and               reworking her portfolio and first manuscript, she is finally ready to take a     leap of faith and begin looking for an agent who can help her realize her     dreams.

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